Best Volleyball Players of All Time


Nowadays, there are heaps of great volleyball players. But can they even compare to the best players ever? Without a doubt, a few players are exceptional, and soon they may be on this rundown. Who are they going to join? Today, we will meet the best volleyball players ever.

Top 10 Best Volleyball Players of All Time

1. Giba

Nationality: Brazil

Born: 23 December 1976

Height: 190 cm (6.23 ft)

Giba is a volleyball legend. I don’t know any companion who’s keen on volleyball who wouldn’t perceive this Brazilian external hitter. He was great, but it’s an understatement. I’m certain if you’ve seen him play, you agree that he was a beast.

With him in the team, Brazil has been great more than ever. He assisted the Canarinhos with dominating the Olympic Matches in 2004, the World Championship multiple times in succession from 2002 to 2010, the World League multiple times, two or three other contests. Obviously, I don’t have to specify his dozens of individual awards, including the main ones like the MVP of the Olympic Games in 2004 and the MVP of the World Championship in 2006. I think Brazil with Giba had been the best national team of the 21st century up until now. Obviously, volleyball is a team game, and he was fortunate to play with the best generation of Brazilian players, in which Giba was the awesome them.

Gilberto Amauri de Godoy Filho is also known as Giba, is the best volleyball player according to our site, and Fox Sport called him in 2015 Best men’s Volleyball player of all time. He finished his career in 2019 at the age of 42 in the team IBB Polonia London.

2. Karch Kiraly

Nationality: USA

Born: 3 November 1960

Height: 188 cm (6.17 ft)

Karch Kiraly is outstanding amongst other volleyball players on the planet. You can argue whether he was superior to Giba or not. We will probably never know it. What we know is he was the best volleyball player of the twentieth century.

He drove U.S National Team to the gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics. He was a great protector and a far superior external hitter. Along with teammates Aldis Berzins and Dusty Dvorak they were the foundation of the team. In the 1988 Summer Olympics, the U.S team won its second Olympic gold medal, defeating the USSR in the championship match. He won the third Olympic gold medal in Atlanta in 1996. Kiraly had a long career on the professional beach circuit, and with 148 career wins, is the ‘best player in the game’s set of experiences. He succeeded at least one tournament in 24 of the 28 seasons he played in a career that spanned four decades.

The FIVB has picked him FIVB Best Player of the twentieth century, and it’s 100% merited. There wasn’t any other effective player in 2 disciplines-indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. He’s also effective as a coach of the US National Women’s Volleyball team. During the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Kiraly drove the US ladies to a bronze medal, turning into the fourth player to win medals as a player and coach.

3. Lorenzo Bernardi

Nationality: Italy

Born: 11 August 1968

Height: 199 cm (6.53 ft)

Younger volleyball fans may remember him from being a volleyball coach. In reality, he’s a great coach, but not every person knows that he was even a superior player.

The Italian external hitter is the legend of certain clubs like Sisley Treviso, where he had played for 12 years. It was a productive time for Bernardi, who won 16 titles. Overall, with all his clubs, he won 26 titles. A great many people associate Lorenzo Bernardi with the Italian National team. He won the World Championship in 1990 and 1994, the World Cup in 1995, the European Champions League twice, and the World League multiple times. His achievements are amazing. He was chosen the best player of the 1994 World Championship and 1995 European Championship, and in 2001, the FIVB declared him to be the “Volleyball Player of the Century” with Karch Kiraly.

After finishing his career, he chose to turn into a coach and expand his number of awards. His beginnings were hard, but since 2012, he has won 14 medals, including 10 gold ones.

4. Sergio Dutra Santos

Nationality: Brazil

Born: 15 October 1975

Height: 184 cm (6.04 ft)

Sérgio Dutra Santos, also known as Sergio, is outstanding amongst other liberos throughout volleyball. He’s another player of the gold generation that won dozens of contests at the start of the 21st century.

Sergio was one of the leading players back then. His expectations and athletic abilities were his greatest powers. He burned through the greater part of his career for Brazilian clubs for certain victories, but those awards aren’t anything compared to his achievements with the National team. 24 gold, 7 silver, and 2 bronze medals through 15 years of appearances for Brazil are amazing. On average, it’s multiple medals per year! Brazil was exceptional in the World League, having won 7 gold medals, and obviously, they dominated in the South American Championship with the same amount of triumphs. You can tell how great Sergio was, taking a gander at his individual awards. Altogether, he won 39 awards of the best libero, the best digger, or the MVP.

Hands down, it’s the best libero of all time. He quit the National Team at the right second, but he’s as yet active in playing in clubs.

5. Ivan Milijkovic

Nationality: Serbia

Born: 13 September 1979

Height: 206 cm (6.76 ft)

Some may argue that the best Serbian volleyball player is Nikola Grbić. He was great, but Milijkovic, his abilities, and accomplishments are vital.

For quite a long time, Milijkovic was the best Serbian player. He drove them to many triumphs. The main one is a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 2000 (with FR Yugoslavia), but Ivan was barely 20 back then, and he wasn’t the leading player. But he didn’t have to wait for another achievement because Serbia and Montenegro won the European Championship one year later. Even though Ivan Milijkovic was perhaps the best player ever, he has just 11 gold medals with the national team and clubs. He claims more individual awards. Overall, he has 30 awards. It’s worth specifying that Milijkovic set a standard of earning 37 focuses in one match in the 2002 and 2005 FIVB World League.

Ivan Milijkovic has already resigned, but we will recollect him as awesome in almost every tournament he took part in.

6. Dante Amaral

Nationality: Brazil

Born: 30 September 1980

Height: 201 cm (6.59 ft)

Dante is another Brazilian player in this ranking. He was fortunate to be part of the galactic Brazilian volleyball team that was just the awesome as the world.

He started his professional career at the age of 19 in the club Três Corações. Since that time, he has played for another 11 clubs. As one of a couple of Brazilian players, he played in the best European clubs like Dinamo Moscow or Modena Volley. In 1999, he debuted in the Brazilian National team. He was the best spiker at the Olympic Games in 2004 and the World Championship in 2004. Amaral was seen as a perfect outside spiker with great spike and power.

He finished his career in 2018.

7. Vyacheslav Zaytsev

Nationality: Russia

Born: 12 January 1952

Height: 191 cm (6.27 ft)

Not every person knows, but rather Ivan Zaystev’s father was outstanding amongst other volleyball players, time. At present, we know who Ivan acquired his talent after.

Not at all like Iva, Vyacheslav addressed the Soviet Union team. Overall, he won 14 gold and 6 silver medals. He was a major player to help the Soviet Union men’s national volleyball team dominate the world from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Zaytsev played for Avtomobilist Leningrad (now Spartak St. Petersburg), with which he won two CEV Top Teams Cup and two Challenge Cups in 1982–1983. He completed his career in Italy, playing in Spoleto, Agrigento, and Città di Castello.

8. Andrea Giani

Nationality: Italy

Born: 22 April 1970

Height: 196 cm (6.43 ft)

Italian players can’t live without volleyball. After they resign, they are as yet present in the volleyball climate. Andrea Giani is another great player who became a coach.

With Italy, Giani has many victories. He was the person who won the World Championship multiple times in succession during his career. Overall, he won 16 gold medals. He was an all-rounder able to play both as an external hitter and as a center blocker, but he played multiple times as well. Is it accurate to say that he is the far better player? Probably. In 2010, he won the Costa-Anderlini Award for Best Coach of the Year Italy – Serie A2. After coaching 3 clubs, he was the coach of the Slovenian National Team, and now he’s the coach of Germany.

9. Tomasz Wójtowicz

Nationality: Poland

Born: 22 September 1953

Height: 197 cm (6.46 ft)

Wójtowicz is as yet outstanding amongst other Polish and world volleyball players. The Polish National Team dominated the Olympic Games in 1976 and the World Championship in 1974. Those achievements of the Polish team wouldn’t be conceivable without him. He was the leading player. Tomasz Wójtowicz was nominated to the best “8” volleyballers on the planet and the American volleyball gallery – the Volleyball Hall of Fame. He’s having a fascinating life after volleyball. He played in a film, was a politician, had a restaurant, and remarks volleyball games.

10. Valerio Vermiglio

Nationality: Italy

Born: 1 March 1976

Height: 190 cm (6.23 ft)

It isn’t so easy to appreciate a setter’s game. He doesn’t score loads of focuses. But we can’t miss Valerio Vermiglio, who was probably the best setter in volleyball. Compared to other players on this rundown, he is more named with his clubs than with the National team. He played for 15 clubs and has more than 30 prizes. With Italy, he has 8 medals, remembering 3 gold for the European Championship and the World League. Vermiglio several individual awards like the best setter of the Champions League. We particularly like his perfection and exactness.

Young volleyball players who can be the awesome the world

The vast majority of the players in the ranking above are more than 30. That means that at some point or another, they will end their careers. Who will replace them? Take a glance at the best young players who can before long be among the best players on the planet.

1. Yūji Nishida

Recollect this name. He has, as of late, turned 20, and I think he is aspiring to be a great volleyball star. This Japanese player plays as the inverse spiker. His greatest achievement so far is Best Opposite Spiker in the FIVB World Cup, which means he was superior to all Brazilian, Polish, American, and Russian players. If he continues to work, he can before long turn into the best.

2. Jakub Kochanowski

Jakub Kochanowski is a Polish center blocker. He’s 24, but he’s already a World Champion with Poland. In this tournament, he scored 75 focuses and was among the best 20 players. At present, he plays for Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle, but I’m almost certain some large club will reach out for him.

3. Jeffrey Jendryk Ii

American players had an effective World Cup in 2018. He’s playing in the German Bundesliga, and he’s a strong player on Berlin Recycling Volley. He will follow Matt Anderson, and I bet his talent will prosper.

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