Kay Adams: 10 Totally Cool Facts About The Sportscaster

Kay Adams

Kay Adams is a trail-blazer in many ways, especially when you consider that out of 69 on-air sportscasters, only 15 of them are women. She is also not likely to stop anytime soon, because her career seems to be moving forward with each passing year. 

Kay Adams: 10 Things To Read If You Love Her

Quick Facts:

  • Full name: Kay Adams
  • Net Worth: $300 000
  • Occupation: Sportscaster, television personality
  • Birthday: April 6, 1986
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Birth Sign: Aries
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Her Twitter account has over half-a-million followers, and her Instagram account has over 600,000. 
  • She currently lives in New York City.

1. Kay Adams Prefers Pizza Over Chicken Wings

Adams talked about her food preferences when she appeared on Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time Podcast. Perhaps the most startling revelation that Kay made during the interview was that she had never eaten chicken wings.

Adams stated that she hated any type of food with bones inside, and that’s why she’d never had chicken wings. However, Kay boldly confessed that she would have pizza or a burger any day. She said, “I’ll eat chicken, a burger. I can eat more pizza than anybody.”

2. She Thinks Condiments Are Gross & Bacon Smells Bad

After she dished on the upcoming NFL season, she also let loose with more of her picky eating habits.

For starters, Adams hates condiments. Ketchup has acceptable moments, but she was disgusted when Nolan asked her to choose either Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing for her chicken wings. When Nolan asked what she ate with her wings, Adams confessed that she has, in fact, never had chicken wings.

To Nolan’s outrage, Adams boldly declared that bacon smells bad. 

3. Kay Adams Has A High Net Worth

Adams began her career as an in-game host to their home games for the St. Louis Cardinals(NFL). Her first job was on fantasy football series, including SiriusXM Fantasy Drive and SiriusXM’s Livin’ the Fantasy.

She went on to host DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone on DirectTV, an NFL Sunday Ticket bundle partner. 

Kay has been serving as one of the co-hosts of Good Morning Football at NFL Network since 2016, where all the participants discuss the hottest football subjects of the day and are frequently visited by NFL players and coaches. Kay is also the host of special Chicago Bears events.

Radio and TV announcers earned an annual income of $32,450, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2017.

Her sponsored brands like Cheetos, Barneys, MDNA Skin, Chicago Bears, Olay, Virgin Hotels Chicago, Laura Elizabeth Jewelry, Olay, and several others add a respectable amount to her net worth. The net worth is around $300,000.

She also earns between $386 and $643 for each post she lists on her Instagram account.

Part of these earnings come from her endorsements of various products, as well as from being a sports pundit and her various appearances on radio and television programs.

4. Kay Claims That Some Men Feel Intimidated By Her Deep Knowledge of Football

Sportscasters are generally men, especially in the sport of football, which is what makes Kay Adams so unique. She is one of only a handful of female sportscasters on the football scene, and it is a role she cherishes.  

Adams has also spoken publicly with her opinion that women are now just as interested in football as men are. She stated that women now know a lot about the sport, and they even become emotional when their favorite teams win or lose. Just like a man, moreover, Kay Adams can talk to anyone about football and understand everything that is going on in the conversation.


Kay Adams is pretty secretive about her private dating life, but in 2012, she revealed that dating is often difficult for her because men are sometimes intimidated by her. She knows a lot more about sports than many men do, and this causes some difficulty in finding the right man to date. 

Adams stated on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson;

“It’s not easy, it’s not the easiest thing, but I deal with it… I think it takes a very special person to, you know, support someone who knows more than they do.”

Kay also ruled out getting into a relationship with a player in the league. Adams also refused to disclose whether she had been approached by an NFL player. Kay told Craig Ferguson;

“The word player kind of says it all, right?… Not every sportsperson or athlete, but, yeah, no. No thanks.”

It, therefore, came as a surprise when rumors emerged linking Kay to NFL player Danny Amendola. 

5. Dating Life

In 2015, Kay reportedly dated a wide-receiver for American football, Danny Amendola. he two were dating since early 2015 and made their relationship official by walking the red carpet at the 2015 ESPYS. 

Despite sharing common interests in sports, the two parted ways. Thereafter, Danny moved on with model Olivia Culpo and now is single at present. 

6. Her Focus Is Fantasy Football

One could say that Adams’ specialty is fantasy football. As mentioned above, she will be hosting DirecTV’s Fantasy Zone channel in the fall for the third consecutive season.

For over five years, Adams has been a constant YouTube presence in the fantasy football community. The earliest evidence of her fantasy escapades is her six-year old fantasy recaps on her personal channel, which she quickly disregarded.

She also appeared for another company back in 2013, which you can see in the above fantasy recap for DraftDayMedia. She has also worked with FanDuel and other fantasy outlets in the past to provide expertise.

7. She Is Bi-lingual And Speaks Fluent Polish

Kay Adams was born on the 6th of April in 1986 in the United States of America. She is the youngest child of her anonymous parents and has an older brother. Her parents grew up in Poland and immigrated to the USA later. Growing up in a low-income family, she had to pay for school fees on her own. She attended Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago. Later, she joined the University of Missouri.

Kay is American by nationality and Polish American by ethnicity. She has a decent height of 5 feet 5 inches.

Also, the Chicagoan attended a local school in her city to complete her primary education. Immediately, upon graduating high school, Kay joined Dartmouth College to obtain a bachelor’s degree in journalism. At the age of 24, Adams found success in the said field, with the first recruitment being a host for St. Louis Cardinals.

Kay Adams comes from a very close-knit family and counts her supportive parents as the main reason she has made it this far in life. Her parents taught her Polish at an early age, and she often writes in Polish in her social media posts. Outside of work, she spends a lot of time with her parents and both of her siblings. She is also very proud of her Polish roots.

8. She Started as an In-Game Host for the St. Louis Cardinals

Adams strictly works for the NFL these days, but she bounced around quite a bit early in her career. Her earliest break in sports came with the St. Louis Cardinals, where she worked as an in-game host.

From there, Adams began to narrow her focus on fantasy football.

On Sundays, she works as the host of “Fantasy Zone” for DirecTV, which breaks down the fantasy impact of NFL action as it unfolds. She also spent time working with NBCSports in Boston, appearing on a video series called “Quick Slants.”

Adams appeared as herself in a television movie called Super Bowl Opening Night. She also appeared in a television movie called Superstar Slime Showdown at Super Bowl 2018. She was in the same TV movie in 2017, according to her IMDb page.

9. Adams Is Up at 3:45 a.m. For Good Morning Football

Kay Adams hosts Good Morning Football, a program that airs on the NFL Network, as well as the DirecTV Fantasy Football Live during football season. She is one of the most well-known female sports broadcasters, making way for others, just like her to do the same in the future so it’s not surprising that she gets up early for the hustle. 

Kay Adams is up bright and early to give herself enough time to prep for her morning call time.

Her primary duty is hosting Good Morning Football, the daily morning news program that airs on the NFL Network. She hosts a four-person desk with former NFL player Nate Burleson, writer Peter Schrager, and analyst Kyle Brandt, beginning at 7 a.m. The four discuss the day’s hottest football topics, and are regularly visited by the biggest NFL names.

Along with the Sunday show NFL Gameday Morning, ratings are up at NFL Network. Good Morning Football, which is in it’s second NFL season, was up eight percent over its debut season in November.

10. She Has A Distinguished Career 

Kay started her career as an in-game host, representing the St. Louis Cardinals. Previously she worked for the home games of St. Louis Cardinals, which helped her improve her presentation skills.

She also entered the professional football world by taking part in fantasy football shows such as SiriusXM Fantasy Drive and Livin ‘the Fantasy by SiriusXM.

Adams is also involved in other activities besides her sports shows. In 2017, she emceed the MDA Muscle Walk, proving that she is interested in helping her community. In 2012, she began making videos on YouTube regarding fantasy football, and she has been known to share her fantasy football picks on shows such as Complex News, Sports Net New York, and the Garbage Time Podcast that stars Katie Nolan.

Her show Good Morning Football is broadcast from the CBS Broadcast Center in New York City from 7:00  to 10:00 a.m. ET, Monday through Friday and the other hosts include Kyle Brandt, Nate Burleson, and Peter Schrager. The set is often visited by NFL players and coaches, and in 2015 she was seen with footballer Danny Amendola at the Espy Awards, sparking rumors of a dating relationship. Neither one would confirm or deny the rumors. Amendola plays for the New England Patriots.

Adams has also had the opportunity to work with other well-known sportscasters, including Chris Schultz, Jim Brown, Rebecca Grant, and Judy Battista. Her show, Good Morning Football, includes interviews from players and coaches, as well as a variety of issues not only in the field of sports but also in entertainment and general news. It was this program that helped Adams gain worldwide fans.

In addition to all of this, Adams has also appeared in several movies, television shows, and video games, including:

  • DAZN Boxing
  • Madden NFL 19: Longshot Homecoming
  • Good Morning Football: The Cast of “Bohemian Rhapsody” Talks Football, Queen, and Freddie Mercury

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