Marquinhos: Brazil’s Very Own And Paris’s Captain! (His Life in Facts)


At Roma, Marquinhos’ jersey was printed with his real name, Marcos, to avoid confusion with another Latino on the team, Marquinho. This is the famous nickname because of a special reason we will uncover in this article for you. Another interesting fact about Marquinhos is that before the transfer of the defender to PSG, rumors appeared in the press that he had hepatitis. The more shocking news is that Marquinhos’ parents were taken hostage for ransom. Okay with these juicy intros let’s get ready to discover other things about the Brazilian which will make you so happy to be a football fan! 

Marquinhos: The PSG Defender (Interesting Life Facts + Where Is He Now?) 

He is called El Monumento for this special reason:

The Brazilian Marquinhos is short for a central defender (183 cm) but compensates for this shortcoming with speed and jumping ability. The Latin American is indispensable in the center of the defense of PSG, and at Roma, they gave him the nickname El Monumento, because he was difficult to pass by the opponent’s attackers.

Marquinhos real name is Marcos Aoas Correa:

He was born on May 14, 1994 in Sao Paulo to a father who was the owner of a beer bar where sports events were broadcast. Along with two older brothers who were professional football players, the boy grew up in an atmosphere of reverence for the ball game, so it is not surprising that he decided to link his biography with sports.

Marquinhos’s first football club entry was thanks to his brother:

Marquinhos has been training with Corinthians’ first team since 2012, making his top-level debut on 18 February against San Cayetano. 

But it all began in 2002, when Marquinhos entered the Corinthians academy, (the boy’s older brother Luan was promoting the boy’s career). Unlike most of his peers, the guy was not going to set new performance records on the football field, he acted as a central defender. The young man participated in youth competitions and won the Sao Paulo Cup.

The talented defender performed well on the second floor and had the skill of the first pass to develop the attack. However, in his native team, he was given little playing time, so the guy agreed to the option of renting to Serie A.

Marquinhos’s entry into Roma:

The Italian “Roma” has always been active in the Latin American market. Having found a talented defender, the European leadership prudently included in the lease agreement a clause on the priority right to buy for €3 million. 

The head coach of the Romans, Zdenek Zeman, was pleased with the debut game of Marquinhos and praised him for his ability to correctly select the position. As a result, the Brazilian soon signed a full-fledged contract with the team, and at the same time established himself in the main team of Brazil.

Marquinhos got sold to France (PSG) in 2013:

In July 2013, Roma sold Marquinhos to PSG, receiving €31 million for the player. The Corinthians graduate turned out to be the most expensive player under 20 at that time. 

The Parisian club took a big risk by acquiring an athlete at a young age who had only competed at a high level for one season. 

The transition almost failed amid rumors about the defender’s mysterious illness, the player himself commented on the transfer: “I am delighted to join Paris Saint-Germain, a club that has played with so many Brazilians who have helped shape the history of the club. I will do everything in my power to continue this tradition and write my name in the glorious history of PSG. Here, next to great players, I will be able to progress, aiming to win trophies and win the hearts of the fans.”

The transition was personally handled by the sports director of the Parisians Leonardo, he lured the young defender to the French capital with the opportunity to play with the childhood idol Thiago Silvoy. Barcelona and Benfica showed great interest in the athlete, subsequently the Spaniards repeatedly contacted PSG representatives with a proposal to transfer the Brazilian.

In Paris, Marquinhos became the captain of the team: 

Marco received the unofficial title of the best defender of the generation from the fans because he was extremely dangerous when playing set pieces at other people’s goals, he played in the position of a defensive midfielder. This was after having turned under the head coach Thomas Tuḫela into the manager. In 2020, the player received the captain’s armband at PSG and spoke about the people who had a huge impact on his progress:

“I focus on tackle training to become a more complete center back and strength training in the gym. Claude Makelele helped me a lot in development. He never said no when I asked him for help. I also owe a lot to Laurent Blanc – he taught me how to properly position myself on the field and feel the position.

Marquinhos’s playing style and specialty:

The defender’s favorite hobby is computer video games which may or may not have helped his quick reflexes. In 2021, Chelsea offered € 100 million for Marquinhos, but was refused. The French club does not intend to part with the team leader at least until the end of the contract – he’s just that good, let’s see why! 

The main quality of the Brazilian on the field is stability. In addition, he rarely breaks the rules near his own box, the defender is difficult to beat with feints. Marquinhos often praises partners in interviews, there is never any criticism of him. 

Marquinhos’s wife since 2016: 

The 29-year-old met on social networks his future wife, Brazilian model Carol Cabrino. 

In 2015, he proposed to her at the Eiffel Tower. Soon the couple got married, they have two children: daughter Maria Eduarda and son Enrique. The girl was born when her mother went into premature labor while watching a Champions League match in which the football player played. After that it is no wonder that Marquinhos devotes all his free time to his family, and spends time with his children and wife. In gratitude for his loyalty, he got a tattoo on his left leg, which depicts a handshake. Did you know? The football player’s wife once posted a photo with Brazilian teammate Marco Verratti with a cigarette. She later apologized for the gross intrusion into the player’s privacy.

Where is Marquinhos now?

At the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, Marquinhos habitually takes a position at the center of the defense of the Brazilian national team. Under head coach Tita, he turned into the leader of the national team, whose level of influence is comparable to Neymar. Now the transfer value of the central defender is estimated at € 70 million, his current contract with PSG runs until June 30, 2024.

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