Not Only Vegas and Macao: Unique Land-Based Casinos You Might Have Missed


Vegas is traditionally the capital of gambling, but Europe is not far behind in the number of casinos. You have probably heard about the most famous Casino de Monte Carlo or the oldest gambling house in Venice and perhaps even managed to visit them. Even considering the growing popularity of online gaming platforms, offline gambling journeys remain demanded among tourists. However, the choice is not limited to the establishments mentioned above. Casino culture is deeply rooted globally, so you can find plenty of casinos worth your attention in almost every region where the activity is legalized.

Dunedin Casino, New Zealand

NZ residents are well-known gambling fans, and the country’s casino culture is highly developed. It’s one of the regions where such entertainment is legal, so operators actively use this possibility. Even though casino online websites are at the peak of popularity, many still prefer land-based gaming houses. 

Dunedin Casino is a perfect destination to satisfy all your desires, especially if you’re keen on a luxurious experience. The gambling hall was launched back in 1883. A real nostalgie-estate for New Zealanders and not only them. 

Casinò di Campione, Italy (o Switzerland?)

This casino is the biggest European gambling establishment, and its location raises numerous questions. It officially belongs to the motherland of spaghetti and gelato, but the building is on Swiss territory. It was launched over 100 years ago, in 1917, and initially was a secret place for diplomats and secret meetings. 

Nobody can say for sure how it has grown to one of the most popular casinos worldwide, but the fact remains: the gaming hall attracts thousands of visitors. Even those preferring playing online would be happy to visit the gambling house and touch the history. Nothing can be compared with the magnificent atmosphere of this old-fashioned place! Casino de Campione is a nine-storey building with over 500 slot machines and 55+ game tables for fans of poker and blackjack. Numerous bars and restaurants make players’ experiences even more delightful.

Casino Estoril, Portugal

Gambling is not the most common entertainment in Portugal, but the country knows how to attract tourists. Estoril is one of the oldest gaming houses: launched in 1916, it constantly attracts visitors with a variety of slot machines (over 250 of them are now available for players), poker, baccarat, roulette, and video games. Experienced gamblers often take advantage of tournaments that are held regularly, so the casino in Lisbon will never let anyone feel bored.

Crockfords Casino, UK

This gambling hall attracts players with its uniqueness: only club members can enter the building and enjoy all its activities. Crockfords has an almost 200 years old history since it was launched in 1827 and still sticks to its initial traditions. Numerous entertainment types for all tastes and preferences are available for visitors.

Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino, Canada

Considering the name of the most famous Rome Emperor and the British royal family, this place is just obliged to be luxurious. And it’s all about Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino! It’s truly limitless and can even compare with online gaming clubs with a collection of 2200+ slot machines and 85+ game tables. Could you imagine the scale of this establishment? It seems that a week is not enough to explore all that it offers visitors! So, choose one of the comfortable 700 rooms and enjoy everything the resort has prepared! Moreover, don’t forget about sightseeing and walking all around since Canada has a lot to offer.

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