Former UNC and La Lakers star, Rick Fox was reported dead this year, so if you were curious about him at all, keep scrolling down to read about his life: 

Rick Fox: Facts About Kobe’s Ex-Teammate

What does Rick Fox do now?


In 2020 he played the Defense Attorney Edgar Goodwin on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. 

Other Activities:

In October 2019, he was the owner of the esports franchise Echo Fox until he departed from the franchise. In 2015, Fox and associate Amit Raizada acquired professional League of Legends team Gravity Gaming of the North American League of Legends Championship Series, re-branding it to Echo Fox.

In April 2019, Fox threatened to leave the esports team after accusing associate Amit Raizada of making racist comments against him and Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall, as well as threatening Fox’s family. In response, Riot Games, which operates the LCS, launched an investigation. It ordered Echo Fox to remove Raizada, or it would have to sell its spot in the LCS within 60 days, saying “hate speech, threats, and bigotry have no place in the LCS.” With Echo Fox unable to remove Raizada, Riot Games came up with an agreement to end Echo Fox’s participation in the LCS, eventually resulting in Evil Geniuses acquiring the team’s spot.

In September 2019, a lawsuit ousting Fox as a general partner was sent to him by several of his business partners, stating Fox had repeatedly worked against the best interests of the company. The letter sent had several signatures including: Vision Esports head Stratton Sclavos, investor Daniel Deshe, Raizada Group manager Ravi Srivastava and Khalid Jones, who was Fox’s partner in the general partnership. In response, Fox filed a lawsuit against Raizada and Sclavos alleging the two partners committed fraud, conspiracy, and breach of contract against him. 

Who is Rick Fox’s wife?

Kari Hillsman

Fox has a son named Kyle (born 1994) with Kari Hillsman, a woman he dated while playing basketball for the Boston Celtics.

Vanessa Williams

Fox was also married to American actress/singer Vanessa Williams. After eloping in 1999 to the Caribbean, they had another ceremony in September 1999 in New York City. They had a daughter in May 2000. In August 2004, Fox filed for divorce from Williams. Fox and Williams’ split however was amicable enough for the two of them to work on screen together several years later on the television show Ugly Betty.

Eliza Dushku

Fox and actress Eliza Dushku dated from October 2009 to June 2014.

AnnaLynne McCord

The next year in 2015, the actress from 90210 AnnaLynne McCord and actor Rick Fox put their love on display at Hennessy’s pre-Super Bowl event.

“As soon as she arrived they were together for the rest of the evening,” said an onlooker. “They were really cute, holding hands, and even while fans asked Rick to take pics he held her hand while he took pics with them.”

Later in the evening McCord was overheard referring to Fox as her “boyfriend” and the two posed together as well, but their relationship ended pretty soon! 

AnnaLynne McCord was dating Dominic Purcell just before meeting Rick Fox. In 2015, McCord was with Purcell when he suffered a near-death accident on the set of Prison Break in Morocco on June 1, 2016, after an iron bar used as a set piece fell onto his head. This led them back to dating and the fire was reignited until 2018. 

In August 2020 rumors stated AnnaLynne McCord and Dom were back together. Dominic Purcell confirmed they rekindled their relationship with an Instagram post on September 25th 2020. 

How much is Rick Fox worth?

His current net worth is $25 million.

Is Rick Fox married to Eliza Dushku?

Fox and actress Eliza Dushku dated from October 2009 to June 2014. Eliza Dushku is married to Peter Palandjian who is the CEO of Intercontinental Real Estate Corporation, a company his father founded. He was a collegiate and professional tennis player prior to his business career.

Eliza Dushku is the actress most known for playing the lead as Faith in the supernatural drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1998–2003) and its spin-off series Angel (2000–2003).

Does Eliza Dushku have a child?

Eliza Dushku welcomes her first child with husband Peter Palandjian. (CNN) Eliza Dushku is a mom. The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” actress revealed that she and her husband Peter Palandjian have welcomed a baby boy.

Was Rick Fox with Kobe? Was Rick Fox on the plane with Kobe?

Fox’s step-daughter Jillian Hervey (who’s mother is actress Vanessa Williams) tweeted out confirmation that he had not been aboard the helicopter with Kobe. 

TMZ initially published a report that Kobe had died in a helicopter that crashed with no survivors. There was also a rumour that Rick Fox was with Kobe at the time. His phone was buzzing more than ever with messages and calls from his friends and old teammates confirming if everything is okay. This extended to Rick’s children as well. 

“To confirm my stepdad Rick Fox is ALIVE and safe! I just got off the phone with my sister. We are all in shock and deeply saddened but please don’t spread false news”. 

Who is Rick Fox father?

Ulrich Fox is Rick Fox’s father.

How old is Rick Fox now?

Rick Fox is 51 years (born 24 July 1969)

How tall is basketball player Rick Fox?

Rick Fox is 2.01 m or 6 feet 5 inches. 

When did Rick Fox retire?

Rick Fox’s career ended in 2004. He played under the Los Angeles Lakers from 1997 to 2004 and won three consecutive NBA championships (2000-02). Fox retired from basketball in 2004 and turned to a successful career as an actor.

How many years did Rick Fox play in the NBA?

In 1991 basketball player Rick Fox was drafted by the NBA as 24th overall pick (Round 1) to play for the Boston Celtics. In college he led the UNC Tar Heels to the Final Four in 1991, the same year he got drafted. The small forward won three consecutive NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Rick Fox wore purple and gold for seven seasons. 

His numbers were 44 and 17. 

What college did Rick Fox go to?

Rick Fox played from 1987 to 1991 at the University of North Carolina where his highlights included leading the Tar Heels to the 1991 NCAAFinal Four.

What is Rick Fox nationality? 

Fox was born in Toronto, to a Bahamian father and a mother of Italian and Scottish descent. Fox’s family moved to his father’s native Bahamas when Fox was young. 

Did Rick Fox retire?

Basketball player Rick Fox retired from playing in 2004. His playing career started in 1991.

Who is Rick Fox’s daughter?

Vanessa Williams and Rick Fox had a daughter together named Sasha Fox. 

She is an American  actress and director, known for Superdate (2013), One Fine Christmas (2019) and Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez (2012).

Sasha Fox is 20 years old. 

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