Sure-Fire Wagering Tips When Picking a Stanley Cup Winner

Sure-Fire Wagering Tips When Picking a Stanley Cup Winner

The 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs are once again upon us and this season will certainly be exciting. Not only is this the first time that fans can attend physical games thanks to easing social distancing rules, but the competition is rife.

Fans of sports betting are therefore (understandably) quite eager to follow all of the latest news and analyses. However, there are others who have only recently become involved with the world of online betting. What do the experts have to say in regard to the teams most likely to take home the trophy? Is there any advice to follow before placing a wager? These questions deserve a closer look.

Working with a Trusted Bookmaker

Appreciating  how to bet on the Stanley Cup winner will first involve the type of bookmaker that is chosen. This is pivotal, as some online platforms offer better odds and more knowledgeable linemakers than others. It is also important to select a website that updates certain details (such as lines, spreads and fixtures) on a regular basis. This will enable users to make snap decisions when the moment is right.

Where do the Playoffs Currently Stand?

Assuming that the correct bookmaker is chosen, what about the teams themselves? Here are the top three teams that are considered to be the most likely to emerge victorious (in no particular order):

  • Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Colorado Lightning
  • New York Rangers

However, it should still be noted that the odds attributed to each team will vary depending upon the linemaker. Astute wagering enthusiasts will therefore browse through the information provided by numerous bookmakers. This is the best way to understand generalised trends as well as public opinion.

Additional Wagering Suggestions

Many industry experts feel that the Stanley Cup is one of the most difficult competitions in terms of wagering. Why might this actually be the case? A bit of history is in order here. Other major sporting events such as the NBA Finals and the World Series tend to be dominated by team with a great deal of market clout. However, the Stanley Cup is known for upset victories at the last minute. It is also not uncommon to witness an underdog walk off of the ice with the trophy.

The main takeaway point here is that the relative unpredictability of the Stanley Cup dictates that a fair amount of research is in order. Furthermore, strategies such as arbitrage betting (placing wagers on multiple outcomes) may be wiser than the more traditional moneyline approach. This will involve personal preferences as well as how each team seems to be performing at the time of the wager.

There is no doubt that the Stanley Cup is one of the most exciting competitions. From casual observers to die-hard fans, this year’s playoffs will once again serve to highlight why hockey remains such as popular sport.

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