Surprising Things You Never Knew About Cam Newton

Cam Newton

Known to be the first rookie in NFL history ever, Cam Newton was always the ideal person to play football. Ever since becoming a professional football player, Cam made his mark in the highest stages as a quarterback. It is not just about the arm talent and the strength, but the work and struggle behind the success made him stand out amongst all. His debut came up for Carolina Panthers back in 2011 and a long career ahead made the man to be one of the most successful players in the world. Here is some Surprising Things You Never Knew about Cam Newton!

Surprising Things You Never Knew About Cam Newton

1. His First Award

2010 was the year when Cam received his first award as the Heisman trophy. He want out to beat Andrew Luck to win that award and was also recognised as the first ever player to receive this in modern NFL. On course of this, Cam also went out to win the National Championship. He is now considered as one of the best quarterbacks to play against.

2. Caught Stealing

Although it is not ideal for anyone to steal, but Cam’s really bad at this. We go back to his young college days when Cam was caught stealing for the first time. Back in that college, he tried to steal his friend’s laptop and then modified it with his name on the back of the device. Alas, he was caught in doing so and Cam was immediately punished. His punishment resulted in suspension from the football team of Gators.

3. Selected as Backup

Every young player needs to go through a struggling period. For Newton, this case was nothing new. He was selected as a backup player for Tim Tebow. Today, nobody could imagine of keeping Cam as a backup. At that time, Tim was an exceptional player and being a backup for him was no way small. However, Cam took this challenge positively and practiced harder to improve his game. However, Tim’s career graph was going down at that time and it made a breakthrough for Cam.

4. A sale for $120000

In his early days, Cam’s father had a different project for him to be inducted to the commercial NFL. This incident was way back in 2009 when multiple schools from all over the country tried to recruit Cam. But this father was adamant that unless there was a big money transfer request. Because of this whole incident, his relationship with Mississippi State detrained. As a result, he had to sign for Auburn. But in 2010 season, Cam led them for the first ever title.

5. Rookie of the Year

Another record set y the man was to win the Rookie award. Infact, he was the second ever player in NFL history to win this award. The previous person to win this was Julis Peppers back in the year of 2002 because of his defensive attributes.

6. The first Draft Pick

Being the first pick for any team is a significant designation for any person. However, being the first pick of any NFL tournament is a bigger prestigious event. It was in the 2003 draft when Cam was picked as a top choice amongst all.

7. Brawls with Players

NFL players getting heated up are never a new thing! However, with Cam, this was always a frequent event to come up. Infact, Newton had a brawl with his own teammate during a practise session. Josh Norman was on the receiving end of this. The brawl ended with a few blows on each other.

8. 854 Yards

The record to amassing almost 900 yards in just two matches is just mesmerizing. People often believed that Cam had an extra lung to support his movement. His record of cracking up more than 940 yards in 2011 made him one of the best in the league.

9. The Rush machine

Because of the impressive strength and stamina, the ability of Cam is impressive. He is the only player in history to have a rush throw over 400 yards in a calendar year! However, this rush was calculated over 500 yards i a single season which made him stand out!

10. Touchdown

No game of football is completed without touchdown! This is where Cam excels the most as a quarterback with significant numbers in running touchdown. His figures have crossed double digits in almost every season with more than most other players.

Final Talk:

The amazing record of a 400 yard throw in his debut made everyone know what Cam is capable of doing. This was only the beginning as Cam Newton was the face of the league in many occasions both for good reasons and for controversies. Being the backbone of Panthers for so long has made Cam to be the superstar that he is today. The success that he provides to the Carolina based team is amazing. Here are a Few Surprising Things You Never Knew about Cam Newton are definitely worth sharing and also worth of all the praise.

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