The Most Googled Questions About Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre, currently signed to WWE, is the WWE Champion in his first reign. In this article, we list the most popular questions that the fans of the Champion have searched over and over again. If you’re a fan, you might want to check these out: 

Fans Of Drew McIntyre Have Searched For These Answers

How much is Drew McIntyre worth?

There are no official reports about Drew McIntyre’s total net worth or salary as different sources cite different figures. However, according to The NewsFeedSource, ‘The Chosen One’ is estimated to have a net worth around $1.5 million.

The following is how he accumulated his wealth: 

  • Drew McIntyre’s contract with WWE was signed in late 2007, and he made his debut on SmackDown! His official ring name was Drew McIntyre, and in his debut game, he beat Brett Major. 
  • On the 27th of July 2014, the wrestler joined ICW for the second time. He feuded with Jack Jester whom he defeated at the Fear & Loathing VII event and then made his first-ever international ICW title defense on the 20th of December in Demark against Michael Fynne and Chaos, and he defeated both. He went on a winning streak most of the time. After a series of impressive performances, an announcement that he would be inducted in the ICW Hall of Fame was made on the 1st of February 2018. 
  • The wrestler was signed with Evolve from August 2014 to late 2017. In his debut competition, he defeated Chris Hero and won the Evolve Championship.
  • On the 26th of January 2020, he won the Royal Rumble game after taking down Roman Reigns. He got the chance to take part in WrestleMania 36, where he defeated six wrestlers, including Brock Lesnar. After the win, he announced that he had chosen to challenge Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 for the championship title. 
  • He is a playable character in a video game, and he has also featured in other games. 

Is Drew McIntyre related to Velvet Mcintyre?

Former WWF female wrestler Velvet McIntyre is best known for wrestling barefoot (despite not being Samoan) and executing high-flying maneuvers in the WWF during the early 80’s. During a 1984 tour of Scotland with the WWF, Velvet had a brief affair with a man from the town of Ayr, and nine months later gave birth to a little boy named Drew. This is NOT Drew McIntyre.

McIntyre’s late mother is Angela Anne Galloway who was diagnosed with Cerebellar Ataxia in her 20s, a disease that causes a progressive loss of coordination, before she unfortunately passed away seven years ago after battling cancer. McIntyre explains how big of an influence she still has on him and how her strength and determination has led him to be so career-driven and passionate about wrestling.

When she passed, Drew tweeted: 

Angela Anne Galloway passed away on Sat 3rd of November 2012 with her family by her side, no words were needed, everything spoken through eye contact. 

She watched and inspired me to live my dream. At Wrestlemania in Atlanta my father Andrew Snr, brother John and Mum all came over for the family trip of a lifetime. I had them stay at the W hotel and made sure my brother and I took Mum and Dad to the W nightclub (if you know the W it tends to be where the over the top American socialites spend their time), the image will always stay with me. We then travelled across 5 states stopping for Raw and Smackdown tv tapings (they also met my boss Vince McMahonbackstage at Smackdown who was so warm to them, with my Dad struggling to find words to say being a little bit taken aback, she didn’t say anything and just smiled at him as he was allowing me to live my dream) We then travelled over 1000 miles in a seven-seater National lampoon style having adventures along the way and at our final stop in New Orleans on the final night we took a horse and carriage around the amazing city.

Tomorrow befitting of our Queen she takes her final journey in the exact same manner. There will be no moments of silence either as we are celebrating a woman who put more energy and achieved more than anyone could in 5 lifetimes, when we say goodbye it will be a round of applause because she had did it, she had overcome and she had succeeded in life.” 

Did Drew McIntyre lose his belt?

Yes, Drew McIntyre lost the WWE Championship belt due to Brock Lesnar’s Return against Bobby Lashley Backlash 2020.

Who is Drew McIntyre’s wife?

Kaitlyn Frohnapfel is Drew McIntyre’s wife.

Galloway has been married twice. In July 2009, he proposed to Taryn Terrell, until she announced that she was going to divorce him in May 2011. The young man did not give up on love after his divorce.  Ultimately, the 6-footer gave in and welcomed the Floridian into his life in 2015. Eventually, Frohnapfel and McIntyre became a happily married couple on December 9, 2016, after dating for a year. The ceremonial venue was allocated in St.Petersburg, Florida. At the same time, the couple first engaged on February 17, 2016.

On the other hand, prior to meeting Kaitlyn, Drew was in a relationship with Taryan Terella.

Terella is a wrestler, actress, and model. The pair first dated in 2010, and sometime later tied the knot in a secret ceremony. Likewise, things were going smoothly until an unfortunate split not only caused a ruckus in Drew’s life but became the talk of the town.

Did Drew McIntyre get fired from WWE?

Drew McIntyre won the Intercontinental championship and had a tag team title reign along the way, but after sliding into an entertaining lower-card act in 3MB, he was fired in 2014.

Can Drew McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar?

If you beat Brock Lesnar then you are doing something right,” McIntyre said in an exclusive conversation with Hindustan Times. “But the fact that I beat Lesnar in the main event of WrestleMania and that too in five minutes and pretty much owned him in the build-up feels absolutely incredible to me.

Drew McIntyre defeated Brock Lesnar for the WWE title on the second day of WrestleMania 36. 

Did Drew McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36?

Yes, Drew McIntyre pinned Brock Lesnar after four Claymore kicks to win the WWE championship in the main event of WrestleMania 36 in Orlando. The match took less than 5 minutes

Is Drew McIntyre really Scottish? 

Yes, he is. He was born in Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom, but currently resides in Tampa, Florida, United States of America. 

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