The Rise of Sports Betting Apps in India

Gambling is not a new phenomenon in India. Be it Diwali card parties or kitty parties sports betting has grown in popularity in India in current years. There is an immense increase in the number of bettors. To put it in simple words, the love of sports is a result of the ever-increasing popularity of sports betting. 

Sports betting is one of the most widespread movements in the gambling industry. This is one of the prospering industries in the global economy. 

Sports betting has gained popularity in the country in recent years. Considering the popularity statistics, the most popular apps are the betting apps for cricket. To put it in simple words, these apps have been a part of Indian society for a long. However, there is a range of sports betting sites available online for bettors. Well, it can be hard to find out which are the best to play at. 

This write-up intends to explain the reasons and effects of the rise of sports betting apps in India.

The extensive use of smartphones, besides the rapid spread of high-speed internet connectivity all over the regions and countries. This is subsequently, facilitating access to a variety of online gambling platforms. With companies offering clients a freemium model, the number of people enthusiastic about different sorts of online gambling is rising at a fast pace, inspiring global online gambling industry growth.

Why online sports betting is on the increase in India

Sports betting is expected to become more legalized

Sports betting stands in somewhat of a grey area. There are no set laws that restrict Indians from using online betting sites that are based in countries, where online sports betting is lawful. India views betting on sports as illicit and hence the betting sites have to be situated outside of India for it to be legal. However, judging by the rise in the number of Indian citizens who bet, it is expected that India might be on its way to the validation shortly.

Indians use their phone more

The other possible reason for the increase in online sports betting is the fact that, since 2020, Indians are spending one-third of their waking hours on their phones. Many betting sites have apps that are expedient to use on smartphones. Most importantly, it attracts many people. Besides, it is safe to say that Indian citizens spend more time on their mobile devices compared to their computers and laptops. This is one of the key reasons why online betting is on the upsurge. 

The status of cricket and football leads to the growth of sports betting

The two most widespread sports are possibly cricket and football. The Indian love for these two sports has unquestionably given an enormous lift to the online sports betting industry in India. It is difficult to say if the sports betting industry would exist without cricket and football. However, it would certainly not be as popular as it is today if it weren’t for the two sports.

Well, there are quite a few betting apps that tick all the boxes in our books. However, we need to narrow down our selection. 

India’s best betting apps

  • Parimatch App
  • 1xbet App
  • 10CRIC App
  • Betway
  • Bet365 App
  • MegaPari

With so many choices available, it can be tough for bettors to choose the best. Looking to download the best cricket apps? Explore the online reviews available. Cricket experts are sharing their vast experience to give insight and help you find a good and trusted betting apps. Choose the one that offers greater user experience, flexibility, and security, among other things.

How to Select the Best Betting Apps

Check the app registration process, and confirm if bonuses are easy to claim and whether the operator offers multiple payments and customer support options. 

betting odds are vital when looking for a betting app.

Are betting apps permitted?

Online betting sites that agree to take Indian players are licensed and regulated by the opposite authorities. Undeniably, the apps they offer check all the boxes when it comes to safety and security.

Ways to download the apps

There are two main ways of downloading apps; to name, using the app store or the play store. Both of these choices offer you access to different apps worldwide. In addition, you get to see the most used apps within your location.

Wrapping up

Read the reviews before you download any app. These will help you understand which is the best. Understand the reputation of apps before downloading them.

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