Why Do Horse Racing Bets Depend Highly on Horse Jockeys?

Horse Racing Bets Depend Highly on Horse Jockeys

The horse jockeys can be regarded as an integral part of horse races. They are the ones who direct the speed of the mount and help them win with various stunts like pushing horses upwards or moving them aside to lead the race from the others. Although we all consider horse names while making horserace betting, it is the horse jockey who makes all the difference between success and failure. Thus, we can say that horserace depends highly on horse jockeys due to many reasons. 

Are all horse riders called jockeys?

While any person can ride horseback, jockeys are professional athletes who ride the horses. They can be self-employed or ride horses on a freelance basis. Some professional jockeys sign a contract with a particular horse or club owner while others may simply participate in horserace for the sake of winning. One thing about jockeys is their previous record. The better they have, the more will be their demand and horse-riding rates. Jockeys can further specialize in various types of racing like a quarter horse race, jump race, flat race or thoroughbred horse racing.

Can a horse win a race without a jockey?

Although a horse winning a race without a jockey is very rare, it happened in the 2019 Preakness Stakes where a horse named Bodexpress unseated the jockey and ended up in the last position. Even though it is feasible, common horse race rules and regulations cannot make a horse win a race without jockeys. The rules set are such that race horses need to carry a specific weight on their back to win the race.

The only exception took place in Siena’s Palio where a riderless horse was made the winner and allowed to keep his position even without a jockey. Typically, the jockey is required to ensure fair gameplay and to perform different tasks required to complete the race. For example, in Steeplechase, jockeys have to make horses leap over the jumps without avoiding them. Other times, jockeys ensure that horses do not lose their temper during a race or do not get frightened due to the crowd.

What happens if jockeys are de-seated in a horse race?

Usually, the horse unseating the jockey is disqualified from the horse race. They will not be considered winners even if the horse manages to win the race on its own.

How to win a horse race bet?

Know about different jockeys participating in the race

Now that you know the significance behind jockeys in winning the race, you must learn about jockey’s records or the horses they prefer to ride to improve your chances of winning the bet.

Know the common winning rule

To win a horse race, the jockey must keep moving across the racetrack with their mounts, jumping any specific hurdles or fences and arriving at the end line before any other participating horse with a rider. In an event when two or more two horses cross the line together and make it difficult for the naked eye to find the winner, a photo finish is declared. The photo capturing the finish is studied and the stewards look after the line and the horse who has crossed it first. When stewards make their decision, the winner is declared and if it cannot be decided, the race is settled according to the dead heat rules.

Select the best online horserace betting site

Since you may not know about every jockey or are unable to gain access to their records, joining a good horserace betting site can prove helpful. Authentic sites usually have jockeys’ records like they have about the horses. They can predict the odds and the chances of winning by horses after calculating their race records through the years. Many jockeys follow strategies that work on specific race tracks. Good sites track them all and provide bettors with every possible detail to choose the best odds.

Know about the horses before placing bets

When you bet on jockeys, it is necessary to know about the mounts as well to win a horse race. In reality, you cannot place a wager on a jockey to win the race but you have to select a horse in the horseracing betting industry. Even though jockeys play a significant part in winning or losing the race, it does not necessarily mean that the entire race depends on them all the time. An experienced jockey may lose if the horse is not trained or loses temper in races. This is because of animals’ natural running instincts and abilities. Therefore, always study about horses when you place bets apart from jockeys and keep a note on which pair proves to be the best.

Manage your gambling funds wisely

Jockey wagering isn’t always about the rider. You may need to develop sound financial management skills if you want to increase your chances of winning. It is also true that your chances of winning increase with the amount of money you spend on the jockey, but this is not always the case. Therefore, it will be a wise idea to evaluate the odds of winning and not to risk all of your money at once if you want to ensure that you win more often than you lose. Additionally, try to control your emotions as they may lead you to make poor betting choices.

Bottom line

Betting on horse racing without knowing about horse jockey is like shooting an arrow blindfolded. Although horse racing is an exciting sport, bettors must always follow certain rules and strategies to ensure their wins. If you seek to remain in the game for long and positively, keep the above-mentioned tips in mind. They will not just help you become more confident while placing horserace bets but also ensure your win most of the time.

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