Potential Impact of Ben Sheppard on Indiana Pacers: A 2023 NBA Draft Analysis

Potential Impact of Ben Sheppard on Indiana Pacers

After selecting France’s Bilal Coulibaly with the No. 7 pick, the Indiana Pacers made another big splash in the first round of the 2023 NBA Draft, selecting Belmont guard Ben Sheppard with the No. 26 pick. As an up-and-coming player with an impressive college basketball career, Sheppard could significantly impact the Pacers’ roster in upcoming years.

This blog post will examine why his addition to Indiana’s lineup could be invaluable for their success next season and beyond. We will analyze what skills and talents he brings to this team and how they can best leverage that to their advantage as they move forward into a potential championship run!

Introducing Ben Sheppard

Sheppard was one of the most highly decorated college basketball players out of Belmont University. He was only the third player from that school to be drafted into the NBA. During his time at Belmont, Sheppard put up impressive numbers that distinguished himself. He was a finalist for the Lou Henson National Player of the Year Award, posting 29 double-figure scoring games, including 12 games with 20 or more points.

Sheppard led Belmont in scoring (18.8 points) and was second in rebounding (5.2). He also demonstrated remarkable leadership skills on and off the court by serving as Belmont’s team captain during his senior year.

Sheppard brings an impressive set of tools to the Pacers organization. An athletic player with tremendous shooting range, he has shown proficiency as both a scorer and playmaker who can immediately impact an NBA roster.

What Skills and Talents Does He Bring to the Pacers’ Roster

Sheppard’s impressive college basketball career has earned him recognition as one of the best Belmont players ever drafted in the NBA. He has demonstrated excellent shooting range and accuracy on the court with a high three-point conversion rate. He also excels at distributing the ball as a playmaker, using his court vision and skillful passing ability to get teammates involved in the action.

Offensively, Sheppard is a weapon that Indiana will want to use. His size and speed make him an ideal point guard or combo guard who can create his shot or get into the paint for easy layups. He also has excellent decision-making abilities, which keep him productive in transition and when working off screens. Additionally, he can use his athleticism to finish strongly around defenders, which helps him draw fouls often.

Defensively, Sheppard is just as valuable as an asset on this side of the ball. With his long wingspan, he can disrupt opponents’ shots, take away passing lanes, and snag steals on occasion.

Final Thoughts on Sheppard’s Impact

With Sheppard on the roster along with Coulibaly and Gonzaga’s Julian Strawther, the team’s 29th overall pick, the Indiana Pacers NBA Championship odds continue to improve. With returning pieces already in place and young talent like Sheppard ready to impact the Pacers’ future success, things are looking positive in Indiana.

Sheppard’s talents and skills as an offensive dynamo with playmaking capabilities, shooting range, accuracy, and defensive tenacity, will be invaluable for this team’s success. He has already proven himself at Belmont University – now it is time to see what he can do professionally.


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