Amazing Facts You Must Know About James Harden

Amazing Facts You Must Know About James Harden

The all star basketball player who everyone knows as the MVP for multiple times- yes! We’re talking about the same James Harden. He is the man of every moment in basketball. Also known as the elite scorer of baskets, James Harden is the man that everyone would want to have. Other than just being a part of basketball, James Harden is a man with multiple stories. He is the type of person that has the highest level of Playmaker HQ which makes him to be standing out amongst all.

Amazing Facts You Must Know About James Harden

1. A Star of the Game

There is nothing to hide that James Harden is one of the best stars in the game. But like every other person, James Harden didn’t do well in his early days at all. Infact, there are a few stories where he would leave a note at morning to his parents while asking for some money. He always promised them to be a star one day and definitely this is worthy.

2. His love for Cheese

Everyone knows that athletes do maintain a strict diet and balance while competing or hitting the gym. However, when it comes to James Harden, the favourite food for him is cheese cubes. Every family member of James knows his love for cheese. Infact, in his early childhood, he would only crave for cheese cubes.

3. Rising Up

James Harden never belonged from a friendly neighbourhood. He grew up from a very rough place which is roughly located round Compton. This is why his parents were very concerned from a very young age. His admission to sports academics was because of his locality which had a bad influence on children.

4. Beard Supremacy

James Harden has always become a style icon for youth Americans and his followers. His love for beard and its different styles is also visible as a trademark. Some of the designs are also available all over the internet following the likes of ZZ Top, Santa and Abe Lincoln.

5. The Growth of Beard

It was at a very young age when James Harden showed signs of growing beard. But his decision to grow it and use it came out from the early college days. His main motto was to appear a bit older than what he actually looked like. This was probably because he was the youngest in the college squad.

6. The Gift of a Brother

James Harden is not only a sport icon, but he is also a family man as well. James knew that his sister had some problems to raise her kids. So when he decided to shift out to Houston, he gifted his house to her. This helped her sister to raise her children in the biggest house of the city.

7. OC Dilemma

It was right in the 12-13 NBA seasons when James Harden was approached with a mammoth contract extension. It was almost the maximum contract worth of what one could receive. However, the only condition that Thunder offered was an answer in just two hours. This was quite a tricky situation for James Harden where he failed to reply within two hours. However, past the deadline, James was traded to Houston.

8. The Glory Scorer

Not many players could manage scoring a basket in 10 consecutive games. However, James Harden becomes the first and the only player to do this for 30 consecutive matches. He managed to score atleast 30 points which made him to be the MVP of this season.

9. Strict about Beard

Beard might be a symbol of masculinity. But for James Harden, it was always a bit serious. Infact, he maintained a strict no touching policy towards his beard. His only barber was allowed to work on this. To keep this beard intact, James never used any supplements or any types of beard oils. It is always natural.

10. His priorities were set

Like every other young personality, James Harden was approached by fellow students for a relationship. However, his focus and determination was always set right from the beginning. There have been multiple instances when James had to throw the ball towards them to let him practise in peace. The love, determination and urge to play better made him what he is today.

Final Talk:

The likes of being one of the top basketball players definitely make James Harden and his reputation to be massive. The interesting facts and stories make James Harden to be the man of every moment. This Amazing Facts You Must Know about James Harden will make you want to be more like him. Apart from just being hero in basketball, he has multiple other roles while being both an inspiration and a legend of the game.

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