Everything You Need to Know to Start an Exciting Game of Roulette

Roulette is a very popular casino game, played online and in person. However, while it is indeed very popular, that’s not to say that it is not confusing.  Many people who’re new to roulette find it hard to get to grips with the game.

If you are interested in playing roulette, then there are some important things that you need to know first. Taking the time to learn these things will help you to make more effective spins.

Here is everything you could ever need to know about playing roulette:

Finding Casino

If you’re planning on playing roulette, then you need to find a casino. Most experts recommend live casino roulette online because it’s interactive and a lot more fun than playing in an actual casino. One of the best things about online live roulette is that you’re able to talk to the people you’re sharing lounges with. This means you can actually make friends, using roulette lounges as a space to meet new people. Finding a casino can be difficult though. Consider security, reviews, and the casino’s host country. Only ever sign up for a casino that’s hosted in a safe country, so you are protected by that nation’s gambling authority.

Researching Odds

Spend some time researching odds before you sign up and start playing roulette. If a game’s odds are not in your favour, you probably won’t win. The more favourable a game’s odds are though, the higher your initial wager will have to be. Usually, you have to put down a large wager if you’re playing a game with favourable odds. This is so that the casino can recoup the money they lose in payouts. You should be able to see what a game’s odds are by reading its description box, located below the actual game client.

Number Areas

In roulette, you can place bets on number areas. A number area is a grouping of numbers. Rather than betting on single numbers, you can bet on these groupings. Betting on these groupings can be very lucrative. However, it does worth noting, you have to spread your money around in order to bet on number areas. It’s much more profitable to bet on specific numbers. At the same time though, it’s a lot riskier. Whatever you bet on, make sure that you cover zero.

Colour Bets

In addition to being able to bet on number groupings, you can also bet on colours. In roulette, each number has a colour. The main colours are red and black. Zero is usually green. Colour bets usually yield 100% profit. If you put down $10 you’ll earn $20, for example. Making colour bets is a good way to get started with roulette, without risking too much. It is important to always cover zero, again, as mentioned earlier. The reason why it’s essential to cover zero will be explored in more detail in the next section. Over time and as you become more experienced with roulette, you’ll probably end up having a favourite colour.

Covering Zero

Always cover zero! As mentioned twice already, covering zero protects you in case of the ball lands on it. Zero is never covered in colour bets or number groupings. It always has to be covered independently. If you’re going to bet on zero, then make sure that you put enough down on it so that you can at least earn your money back, in case your spin is not profitable. Covering zero is a habit you need to make sure that you get into if you want to make real money from roulette.

Rigged Machines

If you’re planning on playing in casinos or bookies shops, think again. Unfortunately, some shops rig their machines, so they only pay out at certain times. This practice is frowned upon and in some places is even illegal. However, that does not stop unscrupulous bookies from doing it anyway. If you suspect that a machine you have been playing on has been rigged, then you need to report this to your country’s gambling authority. Reporting it to them will ensure that they are unable to continue to do this. It’ll probably result in them being fined.

Playing Live

As mentioned above, it’s always best to play live. Playing live online games gives you a chance to play with other people, make friends, and see the dealer as they spin the wheel. When you play automated games which rely on machine algorithms, the wheel’s spin can be manipulated. When you play against a dealer, you can clearly see if they are doing anything to turn the wheel against you. Playing with other people, again, is a lot of fun too. When you play with other people, you get a real casino experience.

Real Casinos

If you’re able to (and are interested) then why not go down to a real casino and play live, against a real dealer? This isn’t something you should get in the habit of doing often though, as gaming in casinos can be very addictive. It’s also very easy to feel as though you are under pressure in a real casino setting. People tend to spend much more when they are in actual casinos than they would online, because of the eyes that are on them. Make sure you exercise control over yourself, so you don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

Gamble Responsibly

Following on from the point made in the last part of the previous section, make sure that you gamble responsibly. Never get into the habit of spending more than you can afford to lose. Because it’s possible to make a fortune gambling, people try to chase their losses. Chasing one’s losses means continuing to gamble even when one is on a losing streak, with the hope of turning it around and winning one’s money back. Very rarely do people who chase their losses ever turn a real profit. Set your spending limits on your chosen website to prevent this from happening.

Online casinos are more popular than ever. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games there is, which means that, like online casinos, it too is more popular than ever right now. If you are interested in playing it, then consider the information given here in this post.

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