Hikaru Shida: Facts About The Japanese Professional Wrestler

Hikaru Shida

Dancer turned pro wrestler, Hikaru Shida is a Japanese wrestling phenomenon. As a wrestler, her strength lies in her agility, leaping ability, and lethal kicks – all things a dancer can secretly do! Hikaru Shida is now signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) but began her career in 2008 in Ice Ribbon. Shida spent the first six years of her vocation in Ice Ribbon, winning their top title – the ICEx60 Championship. She was also a four-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion; one of which was during her ICEx60 reign, making her a double champion. So we know she’s amazing! But what about her personal life? Keep scrolling to check out her facts: 

Interesting Things About Hikaru Shida

Her Weight, Height, And Body Measurements:

Her height is measured as 1.64 m while her weight is recorded to be 57 kg.

Her Favorite Video Game is Legend of Zelda:

While a guest on the AJ Awesome Show, Hikaru was asked a variety of questions regarding her career. Some of the questions were also personal, and one of those concerned her favorite video game when she said: you see, those who aren’t familiar with the game, Legend of Zelda, often think that the main character, Link is Zelda, when in fact, he’s the one who must rescue her!

She Misses Japanese Food: 

Shida began training under Emi Sakura at Ice Ribbon, and has not looked back since pursuing a career in pro wrestling that has now taken her to AEW. She moved to the United States in 2019 and was asked if there is anything she misses from Japan.

“I don’t miss Japan so much,” Shida admitted. “But, I really want to eat sushi so bad and ramen.”

She Is An Accomplished Musician and Singer:

Many of her new fans, and even some older ones, have no idea that before she became a pro-wrestler, she was part of a television show called Muscle Venus. MV was where she and her co-stars formed a pop singing group.

Hikaru Didn’t Feel She Could Play the Part of Princess Tsuru:

Makai is a recent form of entertainment, where Japanese performers skilled in the art of martial arts and wrestling, perform plays based on Japanese history and folklore. In an interview for Makai, Shida confessed her doubts about playing the Princess, saying that they were so different. After all, Shida’s life and personality are very different from that of a princess, so how could she convey the spirit of the character. However, after 5 years of experience, she is a real Princess Tsuru to all of her fans! 

She Ate her First Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in 2019:

Those in America are pretty used to taking a bite out of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, but for Hiraku, it took over 30 years! Why? She literally just left Japan for America after signing with AEW, or All Elite Wrestling.

Her verdict: She found it delicious and soft!  But also stated that it must be full of calories, so one a day is enough.

Her Brother Composed Her Entrance Theme:

Musical themes are integral to a wrestling show. Each wrestler has their own specific to the character, and most of all, memorable. The theme is meant to accompany the wrestler to the ring. The theme is also meant to play when a wrestler wins a match. 

Shida’s latest themes unveiled in 2020 might just be the best. It’s called the Shining Samurai, and so far, fans love it, calling it bold and fast like the wrestler herself! But, did you know that it was her very own brother, Tsubasa Shida who wrote, arranged and recorded the song?

She Has Had Several Nicknames:

Sobreques have long been a part of the pro-wrestling scene. The term for it was “kayfabe”. Kayfabe meant that the wrestlers’ arena identity had to be kept separate from real life. Did you know that she has gone under other names, such as Hoshi Kaoru, Shida Kanjuro. and Shiri Shokunin? During her stint in the Wave, her nickname was Comical Ace. 

She Is Known for Her Kicks:

Shida’s kicks are among the fiercest in the AEW. In fact, it’s said that once you see Hikaru land a kick on the face of her opponent, most notably smack in the mouth, it’s a sure signal that it’s game over. Case in point, Britt Baker in 2019. Her other signature moves are the Shidax A, Shidax Q, Jumping knee attack, STO, and the Canadian Backbreaker.

She Was Inspired by a Film to Enter the Arena:

Shida didn’t always plan on becoming a pro-wrestler. It took a role in a film about pro-wrestling to peak her interest. While she studied Judo and Kendo as a child, Shida initially began her career as an actress in the TV show, Muscle Venus. However, all that changed in 2008, when she was cast to play a part in the film, Three Count. Here she changed the course of her career by planning on becoming a wrestler.

“I was an actress,” Shida revealed. “I took a movie audition and a producer came in and stood in front of us, and he said, ‘OK, you have to be a professional wrestler. If you debut as a professional wrestler, you can take a part in the movie. I’ve watched wrestling before, but I started wrestling for the wrestling movie. I had only a month to train – that was crazy. I never watched before, so at the first training, I didn’t know what I was doing.”

She Worked As An Actress:

It’s not rare to see wrestlers spread their wings a bit, and choose acting to diversify their income, and Shida is no exception. On her wiki page, she’s been involved in 7 film ventures and 8 television projects so far.

Hikaru Shida Is A Force to Reckon With In The Joshi World:

Born on the 11th of June, 1988 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, Hikaru Shida started training in combat sports from an early age. She practiced both Judo and Kendo in her childhood and even reached third-dan in Kendo. She left an indelible impact in the Japanese scene before leaving for the US. She hasn’t wrestled much outside of Japan, but in the Joshi world, she is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

Hikaru Shida Wrestled With Kenny Omega When She Was 9:

Shida has battled with veteran wrestlers, the likes of Emi Sukura, Dakota Kai, Aja Kong, and Naomichi Marufiji. Yes, that’s right; Kenny Omega of WWE. 

As per records, the young 9 year old Shida was upset that she was not being recruited to become a professional wrestler. Therefore the  wrestling promotion allowed to have a match as a way to cheer her up. The rest is history!  

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