Shotzi Blackheart: Fantastic Things This NXT Superstar Has Done

Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi Blackheart makes an immediate impression when you see her flaming green hair. Add a Viking helmet, riding in on a tank, and some ass-kicking and it’s tough to take your eyes off her! 

Keep scrolling to check out our list of interesting things about Shotzi Blackheart: 

Shotzi Blackheart: Career Review

Where is Shotzi Blackheart from?

The green-haired badass is from Los Angeles, California. 

Her real name is Ashley Louise Urbanski and is of Filipino and Polish descent.

From her risk-taking personal style to her counterculture presentation, Blackheart is unlike anyone else in NXT and WWE! 

Shotzi Blackheart loves horror movies: 

This year WWE NXT celebrated Halloween in style with Shotzi Blackheart acting as host and she dropped some news!.

“When they told me I was hosting I could not believe it,” Shotzi told Digital Spy. “I was like, ‘wow NXT gets me.’ “Before wrestling all I ever wanted to do was be a horror host. I’m obsessed with horror movies and I’m obsessed with everything spooky. So I was just like, ‘oh I could die now, like this is the happiest I’ve ever been.'” As host, Shotzi played tribute to horror icon Elvira who appeared as a special guest commentator for WrestleMania II. 

As for what she predicted doing for Halloween, Shotzi likes to “keep it pretty classic” for the spooky season.  “I do all of the George Romero zombie movies,” she said. “So I start with Day of the Dead and then I watch Dawn of the Dead and then Night of the Living Dead.” 

As a huge horror fan who loves Halloween Havoc, Shotzi was the perfect choice to host as Elvira. 

Shotzi Blackheart’s name and hair is horror inspired: 


As you can see, the wrestler grew up an avid horror movie fan. Not only is her iconic green hair inspired by “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” but her name predates her professional wrestling career. She played a character on “Creepy KOFY Movie Time,” a local TV show that would feature horror films. Her character on the show, which was a cave girl, was named “Shotzi Blackheart.” This would become her predominant alias in wrestling.

Shotzi Blackheart ‘s finishing moves: 

  • Diving Senton
  • Romero Stretch Dragon Sleeper
  • Tiger Suplex

She began her career in 2014:

Today, WWE’s chirpiest Superstar Shotzi Blackheart has carved a name for herself in professional wrestling, but it took time for her to reach WWE. Her journey to the biggest wrestling promotion in the world occurred with her start in a wrestling career in 2014 with Hoodslam. 

She started off with red hair: 

For those who don’t know, Hoodslam is a wrestling promotion that picked up steam in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s edgy presentation attracted the green-haired badass but who knew that she first debuted as “Missy Highasshit,” the red-haired cheerleading manager for the stable known as Stoner U? The stable’s outlandish nature helped the future NXT Superstar develop her unique character.

By 2015, her career took off:

In May of 2015, Blackheart made her in-ring wrestling debut for local California promotion, Alternative Wrestling Show. In her first match, she defeated Brittany Wonder, a multi-time Best Athlete in the East Bay Champion in her own right. From there, Blackheart wrestled for other locations in the area, including Gold Rush Pro Wrestling. 

Blackheart kicked off 2016 strong, debuting for East Bay Pro Wrestling and defeating Beatrice Domino in February. By March, she competed in a five-way match to determine the first EBPW Ladies Championship; ultimately, Samara came out on top. Blackheart went on to fight for titles in California, and after several months, her hard work paid off. In September, Blackheart beat Samara for the EBPW Ladies Championship, winning her first title in the process. She would hold onto the title throughout the year.

Her appearances in promotions such as SHIMMER and RISE Wrestling helped Blackheart continue to build her name throughout the independent circuit.

Aimed for gold: 

In early 2017, Blackheart added more gold to her resume. In March, she won the Phoenix of RISE Championship, which she successfully defended against the likes of Veda Scott and future AEWstar Britt Baker. April saw Blackheart become the GRPW Lady Luck Championship as well, which helped her build greater momentum. Though she started her career in California, she was becoming a more prominent name not just in the country but around the world. During June, Blackheart debuted for British Empire Wrestling in its International Grand Prix where she won her first round and semifinal matches, but lost the British Empire Women’s Championship in the finals.

How Shotzi Blackheart went viral: 

It was also during 2017 that Shotzi Blackheart was becoming something of a viral sensation in the wrestling community. The community in question was acquainted with a couple of interesting characters, Pizza Cat being a prominent example. These characters were portrayed by Blackheart, who fans were becoming quickly aware of. It didn’t take long for fans to discover that not only was she an emerald-maned daredevil but an entertaining star that wasn’t afraid to cut loose.

Speaking of cutting loose, she sells her poops: 

In early 2019, Shotzi Blackheart came up with a real novel way of making extra money – by selling photos of her feces. She charged fetishistic fans five bucks for a picture of her excrement – no joke! 

According to NYPost, there is proof of at least one transaction in which she welcomed a contributor to the “toilet elite.”

When someone paid her $5 for a shot of the feces, a mystery purchaser messaged Blackheart on PayPal saying : “FYI, I am doing this to support you not because I am some weirdo.”

Blackheart responded: “Whatever bud no judgment here. Welcome to the toilet elite!”

You can actually see Shotzi Blackheart’s picture on social media of a toilet seat captioned with her contact details and a caption: “Its superbowl Sunday! Paypal me 45 and i’ll send you a picture of this mornings dump.”



At EVOLVE 137, Blackheart was involved in a SHINE Nova Championship match against Perera. Following her victory, Blackheart was approached, in-ring, by NXT General Manager William Regal. He offered her an NXT contract. Soon enough her debut took place in December against Bianca Belair. Though she fell to “The EST,” Blackheart’s brash demeanor and hard-hitting offense were on full display. This past January, Blackheart participated in a number one contender battle royal for the NXT Women’s Championship. 

She shocked the NXT Universe when she threw two-time titleholder Shayna Baszler over the top rope. Ultimately, she lost to Dakota Kai, who had assistance in the form of Raquel Gonzalez. Despite the loss, the green-haired badass lived up to her moniker by going the distance.

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