Ranking the Best Catchers of the Mlb Ahead of the All-star Game 2022

Carson Kelly

The MLB All-Star Game is always an exciting way to mark the season’s midpoint. Throughout the regular season, players in the American League and National League hope to do enough to earn a place in the “Midsummer Classic”.

Starting in 1933, the All-Star Game has a rich history. It was initially designed to give something back to baseball fans and as a fundraiser for players’ pensions. Over the years, its popularity snowballed, ultimately becoming one of the most anticipated events in the MLB calendar.

One of the best things about the MLB All-Star Game is that players must be selected on merit rather than simply popularity or presence. Managers choose the best pitchers, and fans pick the best fielders.

Giving power back to the fans is an important reason why the All-Star Game is so highly regarded. It gives MLB spectators a chance to get in on the action above just watching the sport.

Another way for MLB fans to get more involved is through sports betting. Bettors can place wagers on anything from the outcome of a match to the number of home runs scored by a particular player.

Some of the leading MLB betting apps also offer parlay bet possibilities, where you can bet on the outcome of several games simultaneously. Additionally, many platforms host live streaming, so you can watch MLB games on the move. 

Betting on the MLB All-Star Game is one of the season’s highlights. We’ve ranked the best catchers to keep an eye out for below. Keep reading for an overview.

The excitement of the MLB All-Star Game

The MLB All-Star Game, or “Midsummer Classic”, is an enthralling part of the MLB calendar for several reasons. Primarily, fans and baseball players alike love the opportunity to see the crème de la crème of American baseball playing against each other.

Furthermore, as it’s played in mid-July, the enthusiasm and joy of summertime is already in full swing. It’s a recipe for a marvelous sporting event, especially considering the All-Star Game tours across different ballparks each year, prioritizing the newest. 

Best catchers in the MLB All-Star Game 2022

Each MLB season brings a new cycle of exciting players, with catchers often being some of the most undervalued but important. Let’s face it – it’s much harder to win games without players with a knack for catching.

We’ve ranked a few of the best MLB catchers in the 2022 season so far. Stay with us to find out our thoughts:

Carson Kelly

Although Carson Kelly is no world-beater, he has generated substantial excitement over the last few years. Averaging a 20% strikeout rate and a 12% walk rate – his statistics are above the average for MLB catchers, but only just.

His time with the Arizona Diamondbacks has been consistent, if not particularly spectacular. At 27, Kelly still has time on his hands, so he may become a firmer All-Star Game pick in the future.

Mike Zunino

Mike Zunino was a bit of a laughingstock a few years ago – but after a rip-roaring 2021 season, he’s impossible to omit from this list. Zunino was picked for the All-Star Game last year, and in his current form, we expect him to be a firm pick this time around.

A 36% strikeout rate puts him far above the likes of Carson Kelly, but he has more work to do to catch up with the other catchers on this list.

William Contreras

An ever-present fixture on the MLB circuit for the past few years, William Contreras has established himself as an exciting talent to watch at only 24 years old. The Venezuelan has always been a distinguished slugger, but in the last few years, he has also honed his catching credibility.

He had the third-best average pop-time in the MLB during the 2019 season, kicking on since then to become an indispensable MLB All-Star Game selection.

Salvador Perez

At 31, the Kansas City Royals’ Salvador Perez is one of the older players on this list. While his catching isn’t quite as good as it once was, there are still very few players who can stake a claim to be better.

Perez excels when throwing out base-stealers in particular, hitting an average of 44% over the last few seasons. With his experience, he’ll feature in the MLB All-Star Game for years to come.

Will Smith

If Will Smith continues his tremendous form over the last few years, he will be in line to become one of the richest MLB players of all time. He is undeniably the best catcher around at the moment, finishing second in WAR among catchers last year to Buster Posey.

Not only is Will Smith the best catcher – but his batting is also out of this world. A fully deserved number one on our list.

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