The Popularity of Football Among Students from Different Countries

The Popularity of Football Among Students from Different Countries

Many young people dream of becoming professional football players for various reasons. Someone likes the game itself and enjoys every moment on the field. Other people dream of improving their bank accounts, while someone else may want to be popular among women. The statistic has shown that about 7,8 billion people take an interest in this incredible game, while about half of them play the sport one way or another. Given its general popularity, it is not surprising that it appeals to students as well. Some of them even turn to special writing services to hire an expert who can help clear up their schedules so that they can devote more time to their favorite activity. And since nowadays, football has turned into an impressive industry, young people have great prospects to become its part. Indeed, this sport can boast of massive global appeal and a huge army of fans. Its popularity is gaining momentum even in countries that never showed interest in it before.

Reasons for the popularity

As mentioned above, the world-famous game can boast of a high ranking and involvement of many people from various social strata. Its popularity grows with each year. If you visited football matches before the pandemic, you came across huge queues at the box offices. What are the key reasons for its popularity?


It is perhaps the main reason why so many young people are interested in the game. You don’t need to spend a pretty penny on expensive equipment to play football since you can just put on some comfortable clothes and even old sneakers, take a ball and offer your fellows to arrange a match. Its availability and simplicity can be compared with basketball. Just here, you need to find an appropriate field and two teams of players. However, students like to hang out in big companies, so it is not a big deal to put together a team.

Visual appeal

Many young people start showing interest in football after visiting a football match of some famous teams. Nobody will argue that football is a pretty dynamic game that wins people over with its exciting moments, tactics, strategy, and interaction of all the team members. Fans experience incredible excitement watching front men making various ball fakes, high cross, or penalty shoot-outs. Thus, young people want to master all these tricks to show off, demonstrating their skills to peers. If you don’t have enough time to play football, it is worth thinking about writing assistance and hiring experts who will help you get your papers done in time. So, you will not worry about deadlines and be able to work on your playing skills.

Unexpected turns

If you are a football fan, you know that the element of surprise is an integral part of football matches. Sometimes it happens that less experienced and obviously weaker teams beat the favorites. Thus, unexpected turns during matches and unpredictability are on the list of appealing features of the game. The game’s popularity is gaining momentum among students from different states.


Even though football cannot be called the most popular sport in the USA, the number of students who start playing football has increased in recent years. Maybe it is somehow connected with the increase in the Hispanic population and the FIFA video games’ appearance. Anyway, many students start playing football in college and dream of becoming a pro instead of devoting too much time to doing their homework. That is the reason why they usually type, “Who can I pay to do homework?”


Talking about the popularity of football among students, one cannot but mention Brazil. Indeed, this game can be called a national passion, so it is not surprising that most Brazilian students prefer to play football instead of staying at home and surfing the Internet. And of course, football is the number one sport in college and universities. By the way, Brazilian academic institutions enter the top ranking in Latin America.

United Arab Emirates

You might not have expected to come across this country on such a list, but statistics show that about 81% of the state’s population call themselves football fans. Thus, young people like to play and watch football matches at the slightest opportunity. And considering the fact that many young people study in the UK and other European countries, such love with football doesn’t seem weird.


Football has long become an integral part of the UK’s cultural identity. English students go crazy about football and everything connected with the game. They say that an average student spends about two hours per week watching football and about three hours discussing it. It is not news that English football teams are the most recognizable around the globe. Many students choose football as their main physical activity in college and universities.

South Africa

Football appeared here many years ago due to colonialism, and now it is considered the most played and watched sport in the country. Here it plays a more significant role than just an entertaining activity. It has become a symbol of the end of racial discrimination. Today, a large number of students play this game in universities.


Many European countries are full of football admirers, and Spain is no exception. On the contrary, it can be called one of the football-crazy nations. Spanish students play this game in academic institutions, visit matches and actively follow the major football teams on Instagram. Students have created an impressive football community, so they couldn’t fail to enter this list.

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